Placement Testing at Montana Tech

1. Placement Testing for Incoming Students

  • If you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree and are unsure about which placement test you should take, please work with your Academic Advisor
  • Register for testingPlacement tests are scheduled regularly at our Highlands College Campus or may be taken online. If you have questions about scheduling, please contact Barb Collins at 406-496-3791 or or your Academic Advisor.
  • Note: As of right now, the College Success placement test is offered in-person, and the ALEKS PPL placement test is offered online.

Math Placement

We use several methods to place you in an appropriate course.

  • ACT, SAT, or AP/IB test score
  • Transfer credits from another college or university
  • Score from an accepted placement test (Placement Exam, College Success, or ALEKS PPL)

Our student data is used to develop placement guidelines that ensure you will have an excellent chance of passing the math course in which you are placed.

Learn about math placement.

Writing Placement

Typically, first-year placement in writing courses is determined by your ACT or SAT scores. If you don’t have scores, you may take a Montana Tech placement exam instead.

Dual credit or AP courses? Email your test scores, grades, or in-progress schedule to We will let you know if placement testing is still required.

Learn about writing placement.

2. Accommodation Testing for Current Students

Supplemental Testing Support Services

In an effort to support students and faculty, Montana Tech has three supplemental testing support options available. These services are intended to be a back-up in the event that the faculty member cannot accommodate an exam and not the primary service provider.

Testing Plans and Support Services

Plan A - Faculty

Faculty are the most important resource when it comes to testing students. Therefore, we implore faculty to consider all of your options before contacting other testing support services. Ask yourself:

  1. Do you have time you can set aside to accommodate the student(s)?
  2. Is there a conference room or spare classroom in your building available?
  3. Do you have an administrative associate or a graduate assistant who can serve as a proctor in the event you cannot?

If you cannot find a way to accommodate an exam, go to Plan B.

Plan B – Academic Center for Excellence (A.C.E)

To schedule a student’s exam with A.C.E, fill out the Test Request form. All test requests at A.C.E must be received at least three (3) days before the exam.

Test Request Form

If A.C.E is unable to accommodate an exam, go to Plan C.

For more information, please contact Shauna Goodell, Disability Services and Accessibility Coordinator, at or 406-496-4428.

Plan C – TRIO

Students who have disabilities, are low-income, and/or are first-generation, and are both citizens of the United States and enrolled in a four-year degree program are entitled to TRIO’s Student Support Services (SSS). If neither the faculty nor A.C.E can accommodate the exam, TRIO is the last resort. Contact Theresa Rader (406-496-4683 or to arrange testing accommodations. Please note that all test requests with TRIO must be received at least three (3) days before the exam.

3. HiSET® Testing for Adult Learners

HiSET® testing is provided on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. The HiSET® exam helps adult learners achieve their college and career goals to expand opportunities and changes lives. The HiSET exam is administered in the ACE Center Room 3.136. You can find more information at or contact Margie Pascoe.