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Alec Talin, Affiliate Faculty, Mechanical Engineerinbg, Montana Tech

Mechanical Engineering


A. Alec Talin, Ph.D.

Affiliate Faculty

Alec Talin, Affiliate Faculty Mechanical Engineering at Montana TechFellow, American Physical Society
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
Dept. of Materials Physics
MS 9161
Sandia National Laboratories
7011 East Ave
Livermore, CA 94550

Alec Talin is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories, in Livermore, CA, and an Adjunct Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Maryland College Park. He received a B.A. in Chemistry from UC San Diego in 1989 and a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from UC Los Angeles in 1995. Prior to joining Sandia in 2002, Alec spent six years as a research scientist and manager of the at the Motorola Corporate Laboratories in Phoenix, AZ, and was a Project Leader at the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology at NIST from 2009 to 2012. Alec’s interests include electronic and ionic transport in emerging materials for low power and neuromorphic computing, defects in semiconductors, solid state energy storage, and sensors. In 2017 he was elected Fellow of the American Physical Society for the discovery of new electronic transport phenomena, materials, and devices.

Professional Preparation

University of California San Diego        Chemistry                                                B.A.       1989

University of California Los Angeles      Materials Science and Engineering     Ph.D.    1995


2015-present  Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Labs/CA

2011-present  Adjunct Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park

2012-2015  Principal Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories/CA

2009-2012  Project leader, Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology, NIST/MD

2002-2009  Principal Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories/CA

2000-2002  Section Manager, Materials Characterization Laboratory, Motorola, AZ

1996-2000  Staff Scientist, Motorola, Tempe, AZ

1995-1996  Postdoctoral Fellow, Sandia National Laboratories/CA

1993-1994  DoE Graduate Fellow, Sandia National Laboratories/ CA

Selected publications
  1. K. C. Collins, A. M. Armstrong, A. A. Allerman, G. Vizkelethy, S. B. Van Deusen, F. Léonard, and A. A. Talin, “Proton irradiation effects on minority carrier diffusion length and defect introduction in homoepitaxial n-GaN”, J. Appl. Phys. 122, 235705 (2017)
  2. Y. B. van de Burgt, E. Lubberman, E. J. Fuller, S.T. Keene, G. C. Faria, S. Agarwal, M. J. Marinella, A. A. Talin* and A. Salleo*, “An organic artificial synapse for low energy neuromorphic computing”, Nature Materials 16, 414 (2017) (*corresponding authors)
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